Track Your Leads and Forms

Simple, yet commonly missed insights are on-site events like form submissions, social media profile visits, PDF downloads, partner site exits, etc. Tracking is easy to develop and implement, but is required to have visibility into these actions as tracking technology can’t piece this together without some help. 

Attribute Your Sales to Marketing

While many eCommerce systems provide some marketing insights, they commonly lack attribution insights, and can’t be used to optimize programs in the same manner as an analytics hub. Tracking and setup is a simple process and offers a wealth of added insight to optimizing and attributing your sales properly. 

Connect and Integrate Systems

When a final conversion occurs in a separated or backend system – common in lead generation sales process – it’s valuable to assign any converted revenue back to the marketing activity that created the opportunity. Understanding where your leads are coming from is good, understanding where your revenue is coming from is best.  

Uncover Phone Call Insights

Focused toward lead generation companies, it’s important to understand how many phone calls are being generated and where they came from. A static phone number pasted on websites and landing pages does nothing for providing data, but many technologies exist that allow for full visibility into marketing data as if it were a web form. 

Analytics Technology Partners

Our expertise for tracking, integrations and attribution are made that much more impactful through our analytic technology partners:

  • Google Analytics
  • Zapier
  • SalesForce
  • HubSpot
  • InfusionSoft
  • Omniture
  • RavenTools
  • Domo
  • Data Studio

Recognition and Accolades

  • Top San Diego Digital Agency by Upcity
  • Best Digital Agencies by Digital Agency Network
  • Gold American Advertising Award (Addy) Winner
  • Brand Diego Marketing Employer of the Year
  • Brand Diego Community Partner of the Year Finalist
  • Google Premier Certified Partner

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