“A small but dynamic agency can provide greater ROI and creative support for SMB’s, more efficiently than larger agencies - all while enjoying life more along the way.” Anthony Miller, CEO

Do Good. Be Great.

This reference, sometimes called our motto or mantra, was something we started saying early on in the beginning days at Tower. It really spoke to our beliefs and the drive we felt all our team really exemplified – true work-hard // play-hard types. It simply refers to our approach and beliefs in life; be curious, stay hungry, work hard, don’t wait, learn, but most importantly, try to evolve.

Business for Good

Part of our motto was shaped around our interest in being socially and environmentally aware of our business decisions and actions. The things we buy, the impact we can have in our community, and the voice we have in all forms – these were topics we wanted in the discussions of running our business.

Our commitment to our clients

We will always strive to deliver first-rate service and industry leading results through a continuous emphasis on the development of our craft and challenging the status quo and not accepting weak marketing approaches. We will always place emphasis on the importance of service and communication. We will strive to look and feel like an extension of your team, through accountability and the relationship we foster together in our professional adventures.

Our commitment to our team

We will provide our team with a safe, comfortable, creative work environment – free from any workplace drama and politics. We will place emphasis on your training and development, making everyone on our team stronger through experiential synergy. We will provide our team with industry-leading compensation programs to ensure we always recruit and retain the right team members. We promise to hold everyone accountable to the same degree of standard and expectation.

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