This post serves as a statement to our team and client-partners. 


Starting out 2020, it's amazing to think Tower33 is beginning on it's 7th year in business. Tower33 as a business has learned and grown so much during that time. It's been an incredible journey and I'm just as excited today as I was in the beginning days. Reflecting on where we started and where we've been has help give direction for where we're headed in 2020 and beyond. With that perspective, there are some areas we look to strengthen as core to what we do, and how we do it.

What We Do  

Throughout the years we’ve supported many different services. Most small businesses would empathize with this double-edged sword of whether to take a project vs. staying true to more defined services or areas of expertise. 

While we've aimed to offer a more comprehensive offering in the past, we recognize that to offer the level of excellence we strive for, we need to focus on the areas of our core competency. 


In 2020 and beyond Tower33 will focus on being the best Paid Media and Conversion Agency we can be. I truly believe this level of focus enables companies to go from a relatively small and unnoticed business to becoming a force in their field. Our chosen path was developed by overlapping the areas of our greatest expertise and where we make the most immediate impact to a company's lead generation efforts.  

Our services are bucketed into the 3 critical areas required for successful paid advertising;

  • Segmented and targeted traffic
  • Highly converting landing and web pages
  • Analytical understanding and integration

How We Do It 

The true secret sauce behind our approach is the foundation we develop around strategic customer segmentation. This area of emphasis will be the focal point for our systems and process in 2020, improving the experience and impact created from our segmentation systems and how it's used to build industry leading campaigns and results.

Technology is another area that offers an improvement to the way we as agencies deliver the work necessary for successful campaigns. This technology opportunity will continue to evolve our offering by supporting automation of routine or repetitious tasks, and enabling the power of machine learning to highlight deeper observations that can be leveraged in optimization practices.

Internal Systems 

Another critical area that supports the work we provide and the service we deliver are the internal systems we use. With the consolidation of our services, and the streamlined approach to process, it enables a better formula for how this work and communication is managed within our internal systems. 

In Closing  

Most of the lessons learned along our journey could be generalized as not only learning how to run a thriving business, but specifically how to deliver the best agency experience for our client-partners. In this reimagined look and feel of our agency, we look forward to our quest for greatness and the impact we aim to have on the businesses we partner with along the way. 

Do Good. Be Great. 


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